Australia is becoming more multicultural, it is important that teachers are equipped with the knowledge of changes immigrant student might face as well as strategies to cope with supporting those children. Cultural diversity is a term that is being used frequently in the recent years, cultural diversity and cultural competency in the curriculum aims to empower children with the ability to develop empathy and connection through the knowledge of understanding and viewing world from another person’s point of view (Child Australia, n.d, p. 6).  The importance of being culturally diverse is important to educators because teachers need to be aware that their personal attitudes towards culture may easily be passed down to their students (Educator’s Guide EYLF, 2010). As children began producing their concept of race at an young age, it is important that teachers are aware and equipped with the resource to address all false ideology children may have about certain race. Being aware of the multicultural issue in Australia will not only benefit you, but it will benefit the students under your care who will ultimately influence the future.